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Adam Oliver

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At Top Tier Fitness we know that Safe and smart programming along with eating a fresh whole food plant-based diet and getting 8hrs of sleep will give you the best results in creating the physical tools so you can create and live your own fulfilling lifestyle.

I believe that everybody has the ability to reach their Fitness Goals.

Could you sprint if you were being chased or run after your grandkids if you had to? Could you do simple tasks like bounding over or a puddle or patch of ice? Are you flexible enough to touch your toes or nimble enough to tie your shoes?

How about more athletic activities like stopping on skis or skates, balancing on a surfboard, or walk the golf course?

Every day your focus should be to improve your mobility and flexibility by jumping, hopping, bounding, skipping, backpedaling, throwing, slamming, and sprinting. 

Improve lower and upper body strength with exercises like single-leg squatting and lifting, single-arm pressing, pushing, and pulling. 

Increase core strength through exercises like side and front planks, press outs, rollouts, and carries.  

Conditioning is great for improving longevity. Interval training on an assault bike or going for a run outside are great exercises.

You need a coach to prescribe the order and dosage of these exercises in a safe and effective way to optimize your results to achieve physical freedom.

dynamic training sports performance

Sports Performance

A custom-tailored fitness routine that focuses on what sport(s) you play and an individual assessment by Adam. Mobility, flexibility, power, and weight lifting form are stressed to prevent injury in the gym on the field and then increase athletic performance.

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My Goals

To educate you on the right way to sleep, diet, and exercise so you can get optimal results. to get you in the best shape possible while maintaining the lowest risk of injury in the gym and on the field of competition.

top tier fitness with adam oliver

Functional Fitness

A custom-tailored fitness routine that focuses on increased flexibility, mobility, strength, power with programming that stresses safety first then increased performance.

Get into Fitness


I’ve always been involved in coaching and fitness since I was in high school sports. Whether it was setting the pace during swim practice and meets. Or to training with my friends to get bigger, faster, stronger for football.

I graduated from Norwich University in 2016 with a B.S. in physical education. I’ve attended USAW Lv1, Crossfit Lv2, FMS level 1, and CFSC level 1.

In the summer of 2018, I became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and took my talents to Mike Boyle’s Strength and conditioning. Which is where I currently train.

My clients are kids, students, athletes, pro-athletes, moms, plumbers, business leaders.

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